Everyday Dose

Everyday Dose offers a unique coffee alternative that combines functional mushrooms, collagen protein, and nootropics to improve focus, energy, immunity, and gut health. Their commitment to transparency, sustainability, and empowerment sets them apart from traditional coffee companies. By prioritizing ethical sourcing, minimal waste, and constant upgrades, they envision a healthier future for people and the planet.


Hygiene Hero

Hygiene Hero delivers safe and effective personal care products that are gentle on the planet. Their founder, Michelle Yeh, was inspired to start the brand after becoming frustrated with the abundance of products filled with toxic chemicals in the personal care industry. Their products, such as their organic hand sanitizer and 3-layer cloth face masks, are made with natural and eco-friendly ingredients that are delightful to use. Hygiene Hero is on a mission to elevate selfcare and empower customers to make great choices for themselves, their loved ones, and the planet.



Nonfiction is a brand that offers a unique range of personal care products that are inspired by the founder's honest self. Their collection includes perfume, hand care, body care, and lip care, along with gift sets that make for perfect presents. With Nonfiction, you can embrace a new ritual that elevates your self-care routine.


Copina Co.

Copina Co. is a 100% woman-owned company that offers plant-based vegan blends to support hair, skin, nail, and joint health. Their blends contain effective and professionally-dosed formulas that address collagen loss from all angles. Moreover, they use sustainable packaging and offer unsweetened blends with 0g sugar that use only monkfruit powder.



Cardon provides premium skincare and haircare solutions for men, backed by Korean innovation and science. Their founders, Narae's expertise in the Korean skincare world and Jacqueline's experience in the e-commerce startup space, helped create a performance-driven brand that was missing in the market. Their multifunctional products are made of non-toxic, premium ingredients and are easy to use, making it an approachable choice for men's personal care. Their award-winning Daily SPF + Moisturizer is a great place to start.

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