Bamboozle Home

Bamboozle Home offers sustainable kitchenware made from biodegradable bamboo fiber. Their diverse team of designers and manufacturers are committed to sustainability, pushing the limits of product development while striving for harmony between lifestyle and nature. Discover their beautiful and functional collection of cookware, dinnerware, serving pieces, and kids items.



Jolie is a beauty wellness company founded by two consumers who understand the impact of unclean water on skin, hair, and wellbeing. Their products are designed to purify the quality of your water for better beauty and wellness results. With a commitment to responsible business practices and a focus on purity and impact for the individual, Jolie is dedicated to empowering customers to make the best decisions for the health of their bodies and the planet.



BODYGYM Fitness simplifies fitness by offering a complete gym in the palm of your hands. Their founders have a romantic spin on the latest jewelry trends and are based on the US West Coast but French at heart. They aim to empower individuals on their fitness journey through thoughtfully innovative products.



BORNN offers unique, handcrafted enamelware inspired by traditional manufacturing techniques dating back to the 15th century. Founded in 2015 by two sisters with backgrounds in creative industries, the company is dedicated to preserving local heritage and craftsmanship.


Hygiene Hero

Hygiene Hero delivers safe and effective personal care products that are gentle on the planet. Their founder, Michelle Yeh, was inspired to start the brand after becoming frustrated with the abundance of products filled with toxic chemicals in the personal care industry. Their products, such as their organic hand sanitizer and 3-layer cloth face masks, are made with natural and eco-friendly ingredients that are delightful to use. Hygiene Hero is on a mission to elevate selfcare and empower customers to make great choices for themselves, their loved ones, and the planet.


57st. Design

57st. design is a Chicago-based furniture brand that values functional, straightforward design. They use traditional woodworking methods and solid hardwoods to create furniture that is not only visually simple but also strong and durable. They believe in creating value for both their customers and their workforce, ensuring fair compensation and opportunity for advancement. Their Design Circulation service aims to create a system where furniture is never discarded nor destroyed but rather recirculated from home to home in perpetuity.


Everyday Dose

Everyday Dose offers a unique coffee alternative that combines functional mushrooms, collagen protein, and nootropics to improve focus, energy, immunity, and gut health. Their commitment to transparency, sustainability, and empowerment sets them apart from traditional coffee companies. By prioritizing ethical sourcing, minimal waste, and constant upgrades, they envision a healthier future for people and the planet.


Eight Saints

Eight Saints is a natural skincare brand founded by Jessica and Lindsey. They use only effective, stable active ingredients in small batches, made in the USA. Their products contain an efficacious amount of their Eight "Saints", naturally found in our skin's composition, and clinically proven to improve skin after a 28-day trial. They offer a discovery kit to try all their products at home.



Empirical is a flavor company founded by Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, who apply culinary and scientific innovations to create unique and unexpected flavors in spirits and beyond. Their focus on the empirical method, using experiences and senses to gain knowledge, led them to experiment with sorghum juice and syrup to create SOKA, a sorghum-based spirit with aromas of fresh cut grass, green apple, and silage. Empirical's maniacal approach to creating the best flavors possible involves custom-built machinery, hybrid fermentation techniques, and sourcing high-quality ingredients globally.



Coolgirlcandles is a woman-owned and operated brand that offers eco-friendly, vegan, and hand-poured coconut soy candles in small batches. The founders, two sisters, prioritize sustainability and clean burning with phthalate-free fragrance oils. Their unique scents, including celebrity-inspired options, make for fun gifts and elevate any space.

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