Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks
Biodegradable hydrogel eye masks with Red Algae and Avocado Extract. Refreshes and brightens under eye area.
From Canada
B Corp
Eco-friendly packaging
Upcycled materials
Cruelty-free certified
Giving Back Commitment

Three Ships Beauty offers 100% natural skincare products. Their commitment to transparency is evident in disclosing ingredient benefits with scientific backing, rigorous lab testing, and adherence to strict EU standards, excluding over 1,400 potentially harmful chemicals. With formulations boasting up to 99% active ingredients, their focus on results is underscored by thousands of five-star reviews. Co-founders Laura and Connie, driven by a vision for effective simplicity, started the brand in 2017 with a modest $4,000, challenging the overpriced and complicated skincare market.

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