Fresh Picks | Kids Alpine Hat
Warm and colorful hat for kids.
fromBurlington, VT

We made a pint-sized version of our best selling Alpine Hat to keep the little ones warm and cozy even on the coldest days. Our printed poly-blend is fully lined with soft mid-weight fleece to fend off cold winds, frost bitten ears, and the urge to run inside. Plus, our bold prints make the kiddos easy to spot, even in a flurry! As always, made in Vermont.

About Skida

Skida is a Vermont-based brand that creates ski-inspired headwear and winter accessories. They believe in local production and limited edition products, with a fresh perspective. Their collection includes UV-protective accessories for days on the water or under the sun. Their recent collection was inspired by fly-fishing guides and local anglers, and the vibrant new collection features warm hues perfect for the backdrop of any adventure.