120 Mini Foam Rollers (Bulk Order Selfcare Tools, Various Colors)
Portable and effective personal masseuse for selfcare.
fromSan Diego, CA
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RistRollers® are like a personal masseuse -- available to massage away tightness in the wrist, palm, fingers, forearms, and even under your feet.  That's why it's such a coveted selfcare tool -- portable, effective, and affordable. Add an easy revenue stream to your health or fitness-related business. Buy at $7.50 each and sell from $14.99. Availability of colors vary. Contact us for help! NOTE: It's best to clean your RistRoller®regularly, including when it arrives. Use mild soap and water or baby wipes of your choosing.

About RistRoller

RistRoller is a patent-pending mini foam roller designed to roll out tight wrists, palms, forearms, and feet. Founded by a mother-daughter duo, Jade and Jes, who wanted to share the benefits of traditional foam rolling with those who suffer from wrist pain. RistRoller is perfect for travel, and you can even add your logo to the product. Their philosophy is to enhance wellness and inspire well-being.