Fried Rice
Plant-based protein and fiber in a modern twist on fried rice.
fromChicago, IL

RightRice Medleys are a modern twist on a culinary classic. We blend our veggie-packed RightRice with ancient grains and even more veggies to deliver plant-based protein and fiber in a variety of quick, simple, and flavorful meal solutions. Our Fried Rice RightRice Medley strikes the perfect balance of flavors with Asian herbs and spices, green peas, and sweet carrots.

About RightRice

RightRice is a company that offers a unique blend of protein-rich vegetables and rice, making it a more nutritious alternative to traditional rice. Their founders have created a product that is over 90% plant-based, helping to promote healthier eating habits without sacrificing taste. With RightRice, you can enjoy more protein and fiber with every serving.