144 Bar Case - Mixed
Delicious variety of 144 snack bars.
fromSan Rafael, CA

Our 12 Box Mixed Case contains three 12-count boxes of each flavor (144 bars total). You will receive 36 bars in each flavor: Chocolate Cha Cha, Malt Nut Melody, Jammin' Jazzleberry, and Musical Mango.

About Jambar

JAMBAR is a certified organic energy bar made with all-natural ingredients, including premium Guittard chocolate and ancient whole grains. Founded by Jennifer Maxwell, the creator of the original energy bar, JAMBAR is dedicated to promoting community and eating healthy organic nutrition. 50% of their profits are donated to programs that support active living and the art of music. JAMBAR's unique combination of high-quality ingredients and philanthropic focus makes it a labor of love that's bigger than just one person.