Daily Detox Cleanser
Detoxify and rejuvenate your skin with our powerful wash.
fromLos Angeles, CA
Safe ingredientsClinically proven
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Deep-cleansing wash dissolves and removes all traces of dirt, oil, and impurities, without stripping skin. Clinically proven to remove 93% of micropollutants that collect in pores, while protecting and conditioning skin. Infused with antioxidant-rich Olive Oil and Chinaberry Extract to neutralize free radicals and prevent premature aging. Vitamin B5 hydrates and smoothes skin to leave it feeling soft and supple.

About Rael

Rael, founded by three Korean American women in Los Angeles, offers a holistic approach to cycle care with clean, nature-inspired ingredients. Their personal care products are designed to keep you feeling and looking your best throughout your cycle, from your face to your vulva. With a focus on education and dialogue, Rael empowers people to make healthier choices for their bodies and health.