Wood Sandal
Sustainable wood sandal with Japanese zori inspiration.
fromNew York, NY

All sales are final. Inspired by Japanese zori, the Wood Sandal is our modern interpretation of the classic flip flop. Made of wood from the Paulownia tree, one of the fastest growing hardwood trees with ultra lightweight wood possessing a high strength-to-weight ratio. One layer of wood is molded by hand to fit the shape of the foot, with a rubber insert at the flex point for comfort, allowing the wearer to feel balanced and connected to the ground. A Vibram outsole provides traction and protects the wood from wearing down, extending the life of the shoe. The straps are vegetable-tanned leather, which will soften and patina with wear....

About Feit

Feit is a brand that offers handmade, limited edition shoes made with vegetable tanned leather. What sets them apart is that each pair is made by hand, ensuring a level of craftsmanship that is hard to come by in today's fast-paced fashion industry. Founded by two brothers who come from a long line of shoemakers, Feit is a brand that values quality over quantity and is committed to creating sustainable, timeless footwear.