Dainty Maker Craft Box No. 10 // Halloween
Create festive rice sock creatures with a Halloween Craft Box.
fromWarren, OH
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Halloween Craft Box A fun twist on a classic craft! These no-sew sock pals are sure to make your season just a little sweeter! Ordering more than one craft box and want to save (trees & $)? Use code: COMBINEMINE to have all of them ship in one box and save $2.00. Each box makes one rice sock creature. Choose between pumpkin and bat. Contents: Pumpkin- Pattern & Directions Sequins in a Variety of Colors & Sizes Ribbon Embroidery Floss Felt Hand-Dyed Sock Pom Poms Faux Leaves Star Glitter Confetti Bat Pattern & Directions Sequins in a Variety of Colors & Sizes Vintage Fringe Trim Twine Embroidery floss Felt Sock Pom Poms Sparkly Tulle You will need:- Approx. 2 cups of rice or oatmeal -Scissors The Blog at daintycheeks.com Hot Glue Tacky Glue -Extra Decorations (optional) Please Note: Fabric colors/prints may differ slightly for each box based on availability. One major thing this past year has taught me is that quality time is so very crucial; not just for when things are really uncertai...

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