Lifetime Pouch
Atlas Pet Company
A secure and convenient poop bag holder for responsible pet owners.
fromGolden, CO
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Poop bags - when you need them, you really need them. Nobody likes the pet owner that leaves waste out for the next unfortunate person to step in; the Lifetime Pouch will ensure that you never have to leave waste behind. With dual attachment points for a dangle-free design, the pouch securely attaches to your leash and doesn't swing around while moving. The Lifetime Pouch was designed to fit our Lifetime, Lifetime Lite, and Lifetime Air Leashes perfectly. Load it up with the perfect bags and hit the road responsibly.

About Atlas Pet Company

Atlas Pet Company is a dog gear company based in Colorado, founded by a dog lover who wanted to create the best American-made dog gear. Their products are designed to last forever, built by hand using high-quality materials, and come with a lifetime warranty. The company started in a van on a road trip across the country, and has since grown into a team of passionate dog lovers committed to building products that improve the lives of dogs and their owners.