These Comfy Turkish Mules Moonlight as Fancy Footwear


Stylish leather mules that draw inspiration from centuries-old Turkish work shoes.

These Comfy Turkish Mules Moonlight as Fancy Footwear
Jeremy Glass
By Jeremy Glass
Last updated 2 months ago

Few shoes answer the bark-and-call of my dogs quite like these stylish leather mules. Soft, supportive, and objectively handsome, these versatile slippers live up to their animal inspo with durability and support that doesn’t let you (or your feet) down all day.

Beach to boardroom

Comfy, stylish, and hand-stitched, these handsome mules fit in the boardroom just as easily as at the beach, masterfully moonlighting as in shoes and out shoes. Wear them in, wear them out, out, wear them when you’re staying in but staying up — you’re going to have a hard time taking these off.

Marrying centuries-old Turkish shoemaking with modern amenities like a contoured heel, non-skid rubber soles, and memory foam insoles, Charix’s founders found inspiration in the design of this classic leather slipper, reimagining them with 21st-century upgrades. Lined with beautiful hand-chosen calf leather, your mules will age gracefully without ripping or smelling.

Each pair is made one batch at a time to cut down on waste and oversight and hand-stitched by artisan shoemakers in Istanbul for a level of TLC you don’t normally get with chain-store footwear.

Capturing the magic of the past without skimping on style, you certainly don’t feel like you’re wearing footwear from another generation, which one could surmise happens when ancient design principles meet modern manufacturing.

How you wear them is up to you; enjoy your leisurely walk to the top.

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