The Best Gifts for Kids (from their Parents’ Single Friends)


Toys for kids that will make you their favorite adult

The Best Gifts for Kids (from their Parents’ Single Friends)The Best Gifts for Kids (from their Parents’ Single Friends)The Best Gifts for Kids (from their Parents’ Single Friends)
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If you’ve finally hit that age where it seems like everyone is getting married and popping out mini-me’s, the task of finding age-appropriate gifts for all your honorary nieces and nephews can be a little overwhelming. You might be asking yourself, “What do 3-year olds even like?” We’re here to help you find fun gifts that’ll tickle their imagination and make playtime more exciting. The possibility of just maaaybe becoming that kiddo’s favorite person will make it all worth it.

Surf’s up

This versatile balance board by Lily and River is designed for endless indoor imaginative play and gross motor skill development for a wide range of ages. Toddlers can gently rock on their backs until they’re ready to test their balance and surf standing up. Flip the board upside down or prop it on a bed to create another set of adventures—the possibilities are infinite.

Lily and River’s workshop uses high quality materials to create toys that enhance creativity and sensory development.

AI play companion

Help develop their love for learning through ROYBI Smart Education Companion by ROYBI Robot. In an age where children are constantly glued to screens, this AI-operated smart toy engages them in fun lessons about an array of topics like STEM and languages to stimulate the minds of these future geniuses—without more screen time.

Parents can monitor and adjust the lessons through the ROYBI Robot app depending on their child’s learning capabilities, making this toy a great opportunity for bonding time; you can quiz each other on what you learned or exchange fun facts. ROYBI has won multiple awards for its interactive educational AI toy, including TIME’s Best Inventions 2019.

Grow together

Introduce them to the joys of gardening with Modern Sprout’s Butterfly Garden Kit. Not only does this gift nurture kids’ connection to nature and provide a fun way to spend time outdoors, it also cultivates patience and a sense of responsibility. An art project and gardening activity in one, this kit offers a chance to bond over a collaborative project—perfect for the day you offer to babysit.

Three Words: Ready. Made. Fort.

Odin Parker’s Gathre Play Tent will make a stellar addition to any child’s playroom. This tent provides a safe and cozy space for kids to read, nap, or let their imagination run wild. The founders of Odin Parker are a wife and husband duo that established the brand after struggling to find handcrafted quality toys for their own son. They curate imaginative, heirloom-quality toys from independent makers around the world.

Jurassic puzzle

It’s rare to meet a kid who has never been obsessed with dinosaurs, which makes this unique apatosaurus puzzle a nearly fail-proof gift. The puzzle comes with easy-to-follow instructions for assembly, and, once finished, the battery-operated dinosaur is able to roar and even walk!

For the kiddo who isn’t as interested in dinosaurs, Allessimo has a variety of fun interactive toys that stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills for children, like their molding clay and painting products.

Fun on wheels

Linus’s Foxtrot is a three-wheel paddling machine for children that’ll help develop their motor skills while you chase them around the yard. With a steel frame, real rubber wheels, and comfortable wooden seats, its waterproof design is built to last throughout the toddler years and beyond.

Linus also offers stylish bicycles and accessories for older children.

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