Summer Thirst Quencher Quartet


Delicious bevies making it easy to be sober-curious.

Summer Thirst Quencher QuartetSummer Thirst Quencher QuartetSummer Thirst Quencher Quartet
Chris Chan
By Chris Chan
Last updated 7 days ago

Ah, summertime... the season of relaxation, sunbathing, and refreshing beverages. It's that time of year to cool down with a drink by the pool or sand under your feet.

Here are several refreshing summer drinks you'll want to add to your list. Whether you're looking to cut back on alcohol or just want a tasty but lower-calorie beverage, most of these drinks happen to be non-alcoholic or can work as a mocktail.

Mix it Mixly

It all started when a group of friends set out to make something different. Their mission: to never sacrifice freshness and quality for any of their drinks. Mixly's modern take on the classic whiskey sour recipe made us second guess our moonlight-as-a-bartender daydream. Get creative and experiment with various spirits pairings, or as a non-alcoholic alternative, drink their light and refreshing mixes straight with seltzer.

The Best-Selling G&T

Wondering if you can find a refreshing G&T without the hangover? Well, Yes You Can. Founders Tyler Martin and Sophie believe that enjoying a beverage shouldn't cost you your morning. Their most popular drink, a take on the classic gin and tonic, balances strong botanicals with lively bubbles. Their variety of flavors — from Dark & Stormies to Yuzu Sake, all alcohol-free — keeps it interesting over a long, hot summer.

Your All-Around Mocktail

As its name suggests, Mocktail Club offers a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails inspired by classic favorites. To stay free of artificial sweeteners, they use sophisticated blends of superfoods like pomegranates, cranberries, and blackberries, while subtle flavors from ingredients like cardamom and cloves add depth without artificial flavors. Their flavors may be perfect for more complex palettes.

Mexican Getaway Turned Bubbly Business

Onda's story unfolds where waves meet tequila. Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell had a tour in Mexico that not only ignited her appreciation for local tequilas, but also inspired Onda's light and refreshing tequila seltzer. Their pineapple tequila tastes like fresh cut pineapple. We think these seltzers could be the highlight for a tropical-themed party, or for when you're feeling beach but definitely not anywhere near the beach.

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