Sexy and Sustainable Brands to Bring into Bed


Sustainable, unique, and wildly innovative bedroom brands to elevate sexual wellness.

Sexy and Sustainable Brands to Bring into BedSexy and Sustainable Brands to Bring into BedSexy and Sustainable Brands to Bring into Bed
Jeremy Glass
By Jeremy Glass
Last updated a month ago

We’ve come a long way since the days of rubber and shame. People are embracing sexuality with open arms and diversity in mind. Check out these sexual wellness products from some our favorite sustainable, unique, and wildly innovative brands.

Sex, Plz.

Let’s be realistic here; sometimes, you have to plan to coordinate intimate time with your sweetie. Lucky for you, the Sex, Plz. patch provides a 12-hour window for you and your partner to accomplish even the most ambitious sexual endeavors. Are you making love before logging in for the day? Sure! Manifesting a mutual mid-day release? Doable! A well-earned after-dinner session to unwind? Oh, yes, please.

Twenty-First-Century Sensuality

The vibe + drop combo pack is everything you seek in twenty-first-century sensuality. The drop will encourage you to let go of all preconceptions of what an external vibe can accomplish (hint: everything you want +), while the vibe makes way for exploring your and your partner’s body on a deeper level. In this case, two is better than one.

Maude's Organic Lubricant is an ultra-hydrating formula made with ultra-hydrating aloe to ensure things go smooth when it matters most.

Arc of Triumph

The Arc is essential to any solo or collaborative effort in the bedroom that prioritizes pleasure—in short, everyone. While creating a name for your favorite vibe is just fun, the Arc, aka “Arc of Triumph,” has opened avenues and thruways direct to what is the erotic street.

Dive into new levels of delight that you had only previously heard about from the sexually liberated with The Dip. The price point is approachable and southpaws; fret not, you will have your hands full with this vibe designed for everyone looking for ambidextrous ecstasy.

Bend Your Boundaries

Hey, no one is perfect, and not everyone has enough hands available to attend to all the erogenous zones simultaneously, so lay back and let the Bender fill in any of those pesky pleasure gaps. Flexibility is key, and this vibe will take you from the straight and narrow to something more akin to whatever a climax looks like as a graphical representation. The pleasure-odometer reading is off the charts with this one, folk, so you will want to pick one up.

No matter where you fall on the astrological chart, the Gemini will have you traversing the deepest celestial latitudes, all while confidently reaching for the heavens above, or in this case, the sky below. Made of eco-friendly Borosilicate glass, you can rightfully feel good about feeling good.

As the name implies, the Zip can persuades even the timidest to confidently coax their YKKs from north to south, revealing a limitless world of pleasure-centric potentialities. It even comes with a AAA battery, so you don’t have to steal one from that flashlight you haven’t used in almost a decade.

Ollie’s Power Hungry Wand from Unbound Babes checks all the boxes for those with an insatiable appetite and those just wanting a taste from time to time. It comes with jolt gel, so you must lay back and let the wand work its magic.

Ready to Hide

The Bullet Vibe is discreet enough to hide from your roomies, easy to retrieve when the moment arises, and a great all-around addition to the randiest bedroom repertoire. Whether trying to have a relaxing and mellow session or end the night with a bang, you will find your perfect vibe in one of the ten functions, leaving you fit as you fiddle.

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