Protein-Rich Seafood Snacks


Clean, sustainable treats to add to your snacking rotation.

Protein-Rich Seafood SnacksProtein-Rich Seafood SnacksProtein-Rich Seafood Snacks
Chris Chan
By Chris Chan
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We confess - we're snack addicts. Potato chips, crackers, and cookies, you name it, we love it. But if you’re like us and you feel like a human salt lick after your guilty midnight pantry runs, perhaps you’re ready to take baby steps into cleaner eating. We’re not talking about celery stalk dunkers, we’re talking about seafood.

Think tuna, salmon, or mussels turned into briny, protein-packed bites. Since swapping our fave munchies with seafood alternatives, we don't even miss chips (okay, maybe a little).

From land to sea, it's guilt-free

Smoky tuna jerky is as delicious and satisfying as beef jerky but with less fat and sodium. These on-the-go fish treats by Pescavore are handcrafted with responsibly caught whole fish and seasoned in a tangy pineapple and ginger teriyaki marinade.

Pescavore is all about sustainability, the ocean, and the livelihoods of those depending on it. Their support for their small fishing community and focus on sustainable, wild-caught seafood has earned them a "Good Alternative" rating by Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program.

Tasty, wild-caught tinned salmon

If this artisanal tinned salmon is good enough for the chef's table, it's good enough for my pantry. The brand's chef and third-gen owner, Mathew Scaletta, refines his family’s old-school recipes with his training in fine dining, and the result is a collection of tinned artisanal seafood.

Wildfish uses wild-caught King salmon harvested by local fishermen and divers in the small seaside town of Klawock, home of Alaska’s first salmon fishery. The fish is hand-sliced, brined, and then wood-smoked. The brand works with community-based fisheries to catch and prepare sustainable seafood the old-fashioned way. Add to salads and sandwiches or eat straight from the can - we won't judge.

Chef Scaletta gives the best catch of the day the gourmet conserva treatment, and the result is a flaky and smoky salmon you can mash into creamy dips, add to poke bowls, or toss with linguini for an upgrade to your pasta night. The glistening bronzed meat tastes fresh out of the smokehouse whether in a coffeehouse sandwich or on a PNW trail.

<p data-block-key="2l5ym"><b>Preserved by Wildfish</b></p>

Preserved by Wildfish

Potato chips got nothing on these salmon skin chips

If you haven't tried Irvins salmon skin, you are missing out. It boggles our mind how salmon skin chips can taste this sinful, yet they are anything but. Irvins uses upcycled salmon skin, turning what would otherwise be wasted food scraps into tasty and nutritious snacks. The chips are baked, not fried, so they contain less fat than your usual potato chips and are high in collagen for fabulous skin. Boom now you know my beauty secret.

Bring the flavors of Spain to your pantry

Chargrilled mussels are a Spanish favorite, and now you can have them anytime you're feeling peckish with this tin from Conserva. The mussels are caught fresh from the icy waters of Galicia, then drenched in aromatic escabeche sauce before being slowly chargrilled to perfection.

The canned products are made in small batches to maintain the seafood's delectable texture, flavor, and aroma. Güeyu Mar also works with local fishermen and small producers to bring sustainable seafood into every pantry.

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