Queer-Owned Picks for Pride Month!


Empower Queer-Owned Brands With Brag-Worthy Products

Queer-Owned Picks for Pride Month!Queer-Owned Picks for Pride Month!Queer-Owned Picks for Pride Month!
Cyrielle Malot-Moore
By Cyrielle Malot-Moore
Last updated 9 days ago

Gender-euphoric swimwear.

Humankind is a swimwear and apparel brand that was founded by LA native Haily Marzullo, a queer woman who was in search of gender-inclusive swimwear. Their products are designed with every body in mind, ensuring an effortless fit that is comfortable and supportive for all. They use a specially designed fabric that dries quickly and offers comfortable stretch and support for any water activity.

Visual-art inspired sunglasses.

Twin designers and DJs Corianna and Briana Dotson were the only Afro-Latinas at their Minnesota high school. Unafraid to stand out, they started adding studs and sparkles to their matching glasses. Fast forward a decade or so and their eponymous eyewear brand, Coco and Breezy, has been worn by the likes of Lady Gaga, Prince, Alicia Keys, and Rihanna.

Beauty for every body.

Believe it or not, Rupaul’s Drag Race star Kim Chi started as a Halloween queen with a drugstore makeup face beat. Their journey of self-discovery led to KimChi Chic Beauty, a colorful collection of quality products for every face. 2% of all the proceeds benefit The Trevor Project.

Enamel colanders and pans.

Darling Spring is a designer store that celebrates slow living, good design, and female creativity. Their collection of crafted and curated goods tells a story and serves a purpose. They are committed to enabling women creatives to find greater equity in their ventures and challenge the status quo. Their products blend modern style with time-tested techniques and are designed to effortlessly combine elegance, intuitiveness, ease of manufacture, and longevity into a beautifully simple solution.

Botanical-based cycle support.

Xula Herbs is a purpose-driven brand that offers science-backed botanicals for all periods and cycles. Their herbal formulas are developed with the guidance of expert herbalists and doctors, providing comprehensive womb and cycle support. Xula Herbs uses organically-grown hemp extracts infused with sustainably wildcrafted and organically-sourced herbs, and all formulas are rigorously tested by people with wombs to ensure efficacy, consistency, and safety. Founded by Karina Primelles, Xula Herbs is dedicated to helping people experience great cycles through the transformative power of their clinically-effective botanicals.

Gender-inclusive vegan cosmetics.

NOTO Botanics is a gender-inclusive, clean cosmetic line created by professional makeup artist Gloria Noto. The line features multi-use products that celebrate authentic identities and diversity in the beauty industry. NOTO uses high-performing, natural ingredients and strives to promote ethically-sourced, regenerative farming practices. The brand's packaging is biodegradable and made of recycled materials.

Eco-friendly period undies, pads, and cups.

Aisle provides eco-friendly and sustainable menstrual products designed for comfort and performance. As a certified B Corporation since 2012, they are committed to social and environmental impact, and have been recognized for their efforts as a top-ranking period care B Corp in the world. Their product line includes washable cloth pads, leak-free period underwear, and menstrual cups.

Binders to help you feel at home in your body.

For Them is a brand that is revolutionizing the wellness industry for queer and gender expansive individuals. Their founders are passionate about creating a community that celebrates radical self-expression and authentic connection. Their products and services are designed to provide a safe space for gender euphoria and to break down binaries. For Them is a brand that is committed to supporting the queer community on their gender journey.

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