Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Wedding Registry


Some of the most useful gifts to ask for on your perfect day

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Wedding RegistryNot Your Run-of-the-Mill Wedding RegistryNot Your Run-of-the-Mill Wedding Registry
Marmalade Editors
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Wedding registries are great for relieving your invited guests from the gift-giving guesswork and ensuring you receive things you will actually use. But wedding planning itself is so stressful, with what feels like a million things to check off on your to-do list, that sometimes putting together a registry can feel like another overwhelming task. There’s no need to stress anymore (about this anyway) because we’ve put together a list of items that every newlywed couple should have—all you need to do is add them to your registry!

All set for the honeymoon

This three-piece luggage set by Dukap includes large and medium-sized suitcases and a carry-on for everything you could possibly want to bring to your honeymoon. All the luggage’s interiors have snap-on straps and zipped compartments that’ll ensure you and your partner’s belongings are safe and sound.

The carry-on also has a built-in USB port for a power bank so you won’t have to wait your turn at the airport’s communal outlet. Plus, the set’s silent and smooth-rolling 360-degree wheels will have you gliding through the airport and straight to your romantic getaway destination.

Luxury home dining

Elevate your home dining experience with this eight-piece dining set by RVPottery. Our favorite part of the set is the versatile shallow dish that can be used for soups, salads, or even noodles so you and your partner can have a tasty meal plated like it came out of a Michelin-star kitchen.

The owner of RVPottery, Rachel V Whisler, creates each piece of handmade ceramic tableware from start to finish. Their pottery pieces are crafted to withstand everyday use while retaining their form and beauty, ideal for newlyweds looking to build a home.

Through the stomach, to the heart

As you’re building a new life with your soulmate, it’s important that you put items in your wedding registry that you and your partner can use for years to come. That’s exactly what Kana’s five-piece cast iron cookware set offers. The set has everything you’d need to cook for any occasion—like homey bacon and eggs for breakfast or honey garlic chicken for romantic date nights.

The do-it-all lamp

Creating a wedding registry is a rare chance to select unique items that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself. Take this opportunity to acquire a functional piece of art like Teno by Lumio. What seems like a decorative sculpture can magically transform into both a lamp and a speaker. This versatile piece will illuminate your marital home with its warm glow while you and your partner dance to some soft romantic music.

This innovative speaker lamp won the Red Dot “Best of the Best” Award for its design and audio capabilities, meaning not only do you get a piece of functional art, but you’re also sure to enjoy a high-quality listening experience.

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