The Little Details in Men's Accessories


Small details for your daily workwear.

The Little Details in Men's AccessoriesThe Little Details in Men's AccessoriesThe Little Details in Men's Accessories
Chris Chan
By Chris Chan
Last updated 9 days ago

It's the little details that make a big difference for men's outfits. Here are some pieces that are easy to invest in, and might make your colleague across the aisle wonder why you've been grinning so much lately.

Slip 'em on and never take 'em off

Slip-ons are a style staple, especially in a color that goes with everything like Charix’s stunning camel. Charix brings a modern spin to traditional Turkish shoes with clean, simple designs, and super soft insoles that feel like a warm hug for the feet.

Versatile enough to go from day to night, these slip-ons are a worthy alternative to classic loafers. The brand specializes in artisanal shoes crafted from supple leather that ages beautifully.

Stylish everyday bag

Having designed for classic American brands like Ralph Lauren and Levi's, it's no wonder that the creative minds behind General Knot know how to weave vintage details into modern accessories. Everything at General Knot is in handmade in the USA, in very limited quantities, and often with vintage and speciality textiles. This everyday tote features sturdy handles, waxy soft leather, and a sleek body. Bring it along to a lunch meeting or the Whole Foods checkout counter.

Safety shoes that serve and protect

You might work in an office where your most demanding tasks involve some form of a Zoom call. But that doesn't mean you don't deserve protection. These slick shoes from Proxon are as protective as heavy duty boots but ready for the board room. Their steel toe construction will be your little secret when you need them.

Bringing the fun back in "function"

Take an outfit up a notch with the fun watches by Mr. Jones. The brand reimagines time telling with delightful little details like a crescent to mark night and day or a surprise menagerie of animals to cheer you up at 2pm. These aren't your typical fashion watches.

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