Housewarming Gifts to Splurge On


Gifts to make their house look like something out of Architectural Digest

Housewarming Gifts to Splurge OnHousewarming Gifts to Splurge OnHousewarming Gifts to Splurge On
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Invited over to your friend’s, in-laws’, or boss’s new home and not sure what to bring as a housewarming gift? Without a registry to guide you, the process of buying thoughtful and luxurious gifts can be tiresome. Sure, you could always go with a simple bottle of wine, but does that really say “housewarming”? Instead, consider a nonstick pan (that’s actually as nonstick as it says it is), a waffle towel set, or a tableside lamp—to start. As an added bonus, everything is under $200 so you can splurge on a gift without breaking the bank.

In the kitchen, wrist twistin’

For the friend who just moved out of college, out of their parents’ house, in with a significant other... or who's just determined to get more into cooking. Sardel's easy-to-clean, non-stick pan has a unique honeycomb pattern and will fulfill all of their Kitchen Nightmare dreams.

Hit snooze

For the early riser that needs an alarm, but doesn’t want the iPhone’s traumatizing one. Loftie's Clock prioritizes mindfulness and mental health by using a two-phase alarm that mimics your body’s natural waking process. As an added bonus, it also has white noise, music, meditation, and bedtime story playlists for anyone tired of counting sheep.

Bring the spa home

Some people need a little help pampering themselves. Give the gift of everyday luxury with Onsen’s Waffle towel set, which is super absorbent, quick-drying, extra soft, and made to last with premium Supima® cotton.

Let’s tie the knot

For the newlywed couple that’s looking to upgrade their coffee table or bookshelf decor, this simple ceramic art piece from SIN has that je ne sais quoi to elevate any space into something that belongs within the pages of Architectural Digest.

Clean hands, cleaner planet

Give them an upgrade to their bathroom and kitchen countertops with Eddi's signature stainless steel soap dispenser and trio of refillable soaps. Not only are they plastic-free and infinitely recyclable, their hydrating formulas come in three elegant scents for a luxurious handwashing experience.

Set the mood

Wooj just raised the bar for all future bedside lamps with their signature Wavy Lamp. Inspired by the Pacific Ocean's comb jellyfish, this 3D-printed lamp gives off a gentle hue that is sure to set the mood in any room.

Light it up

For the candle enthusiast, this lighter from Warmth is not only functional but is beautiful enough to serve as an art piece on their coffee table. Made in the 1950s, this table lighter has that simple one-of-a-kind vintage feel that will have guests constantly complimenting it.

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