GRADO's Favorite Back-to-School Brands


GRADO's founder is here with genuine mindfulness and wellness brands for an inspiring back-to-school send-off this autumn.

GRADO's Favorite Back-to-School BrandsGRADO's Favorite Back-to-School BrandsGRADO's Favorite Back-to-School Brands
Ignacio de Grado, Founder of Grado
By Ignacio de Grado, Founder of Grado
Last updated a month ago

GRADO offers an array of creative products designed to foster inspiring change. From their uplifting affirmation card decks to their thoughtfully crafted planners, GRADO has captured our hearts. We are thrilled to have GRADO curate an exclusive back-to-school guide for your kiddos.

Back-to-school season is an exciting, creative, and inspiring time. We’ve selected products to help kids learn mindfulness through journals, clothing, music, and wellness.


<p data-block-key="0kh52">Ignacio de Grado / Affirmations for kids, 30 flashcards</p>

Ignacio de Grado / Affirmations for kids, 30 flashcards

Build a positive self-image and introduce mindfulness

Mindfulness helps children grow in resilience, learn to be present in the moment and helps them to feel calm and focused. These brands are ideal for reinforcing good habits and encouraging mindfulness:

Affirmation Cards for Kids

At GRADO, we create original, fun, and creative sets of affirmation cards for kids and adults, to help them build good habits and have a positive outlook on life.

Mindfulness Journals

Monk Manual’s Sprout journal for kids is 90 days of guided journaling to help children discover who they are. We love the monk-inspired wisdom they include to introduce mindfulness, build good habits and grow in self-awareness.

Mindful Bracelets

Wishbeads bracelets have a secret compartment to put your “wish”. We love the idea of a bracelet to encourage your kid, help them visualize their goals and maintain daily focus.

Learn and plan in a fun and mindful way

We love creative products that help kids learn in a fun and focused way. These are some of our favorite educational brands in Marmalade:

Wellness Journaling

Silk Sonder’s unique subscription service delivers monthly planners and journals, organized with stimulating themes and interactive activities. We love the design and how kids can be creative, have fun, and be mindful at the same time!

Montessori-inspired Toys

We are fans of Montessori toys and systems, and Lovevery has very nice sets for the little ones. These toys are ideal for brain development and the first steps of learning in life.

Art and music

We believe art is a way to enhance connections, boost creativity, and have fun. Art inspires personal change and combined with mindfulness, we find a more balanced, creative, and peaceful life. What better than having art and music in our kids' daily life?

Coloring Creative Set

Oso & Me is a clothing brand that also creates artistic coloring sets to complement their collection. We love this portable coloring set to keep kids active in a peaceful and balanced way.

Engaging 3d Puzzles

We love these Allessimo puzzles that stimulate thinking and problem-solving. Allessimo uses multiple skill sets and boosts engineering, art, and math interests in children. For children 6+

Beginner Guitars for Kids

Loog Guitars creates an easy but beautiful guitar with an award-winning design approved by educators. Introducing music as soon as possible (recommended 6+) develops discipline, sensibility, awareness, and calm.

Wellness for kids

We all want to give our kids a healthy style of life. We can do this by caring for what they eat, introducing healthy habits and good routines, and teaching them to care for their bodies and mind. Here are our favorite brands of Marmalade for kids' wellness!

Vitamins for Kids

Hiya has produced children's vitamins in a healthier option with no added sugar. All their products have up to 15 vitamins and fruits and veggies.


Dermatology experts and Moms in Medicine came together to create the clean, family-focused skincare products of Ever Eden. Creams, Lip balms, Serums and healing treatments made exclusively using scientifically-proven natural ingredients.

Clothing and accessories

It’s a new school year, so it’s time for a new backpack and clothes. Kids grow fast and we need accessories to make school life easier and more functional.

Back to School Sets

We find these backpack sets from MCubedCo well-made and functional. Founded by a school teacher, these backpacks are made of resilient material with comfortable straps and handles.