For the Friend that Lives for Music Festivals


Six items for a worry-free festival experience

For the Friend that Lives for Music FestivalsFor the Friend that Lives for Music FestivalsFor the Friend that Lives for Music Festivals
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Between the vibrant outfits, electrifying live performances, and amped up crowds, music festivals are so exciting that it can be easy to forget about some essentials—until you really need them. Beyond the photo-ready outfit and comfortable shoes, there are some necessities that can make all the difference on a festival day. We’ve compiled some must-have products to bring to the fun and chaos of music festivals, so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying the experience.

Fun in the sun

First and foremost, sunscreen! More often than not, music festivals are out in the open ground or an open stadium, so there’s a high chance you’ll be directly exposed to the sun. Raw Botanics' Raw Reflection sunscreen offers long-lasting sun protection and much-needed hydration with its nourishing ingredients, like natural jojoba oil and cocoa butter—so you can avoid a sunburn while keeping your skin glowing for all those photo-ops. Its compact bamboo container makes it easy to toss into your bag without risk of leaks or spills.

Protect your hearing—in style

Let’s protect our ears with Loop Earplugs. This innovative brand is the winner of the 2023 Reddot Design Award for their modern and stylish earplug design. They also earned high praise from Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and Wired Recommends.

Prolonged exposure to loud music and crowds can permanently damage our hearing, which is why it’s important to protect our ears as much as we can. Loop Earplugs reduce volume while preserving sound quality with their patented acoustic filter, so you can hear your favorite artists clearly—without the harmful volume.

It doesn’t hurt to be extra prepared

Go the extra mile and bring a first aid kit like Welly’s On-The-Go First Aid Kit. You never know what could happen on the chaotic festival grounds, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for scenarios where a first aid kit might be needed.

Welly’s compact first aid kit contains two sizes of flex fabric bandages, single-use antibiotic ointments, and single-use hand sanitizers.

Go hands-free

Worrying about where your stuff is during an exhilarating guitar riff or your favorite chorus would be such a downer. You won’t have that problem with Kaleido Concepts’ Sling Bag, which comes with an extra secured compartment in the back to keep your valuables safe and sound. Their fun print patterns only add to the colorful and wild fashion of festival weekends.

What’s more, 1% of Kaleido Concepts’ profits are donated to global children’s literacy and girls’ education.

Hydration is a must

Keep hydrated throughout the day’s lineup using HydraPak’s collapsible water bottle, Flux 750ml. This water bottle has a quick and easy twist nozzle, which makes for spill-free hydration in a crowd that’s banging their heads to the beat. We personally love that it's lightweight, compressible, and can be comfortably stored in your sling bag.

HydraPak has been innovating portable water bottles meant for high-energy outdoor activities (like music festivals) since 2001.

Level up your hydration

Electrolyte packets are one of those little things that make a big difference on a day in the sun. Throw a few of Basis’s Clean Hydration Mix packets in your bag, and your body (and friends) will thank you. With no artificial colors and less sugar than other electrolyte mixes, this Hydration Mix is designed to replenish electrolytes with clean ingredients—so you can hydrate faster on festival day, and recover easily the next morning.

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