First Apartment Must Haves


Items to make it seem like you have this adulting thing under control.

First Apartment Must HavesFirst Apartment Must HavesFirst Apartment Must Haves
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We see that you got your first-ever apartment. Congrats! You’re finally living on your own and you’re determined to transform your space into a home that’s cozy, livable, and reflects you. Now, you might be tempted to quickly buy the first few products you see on Amazon Basics to style up your new home; maybe that worked for your college dorm, but now that you’re an adult, it’s time to get some essentials that’ll last.

But what exactly are these apartment must-haves? We’ve compiled five handy and functional things you’ll need to adapt to that new adult lifestyle (which may include being in bed by 10 p.m.).

Laundry on wheels

Effortlessly roll your laundry to the washer (or the laundromat) and back to your closet with this portable laundry hamper by Yamazaki Home. Its lightweight design and wooden handle for easy mobility will make laundry days a breeze.

Yamazaki Home started over a century ago as a family-run business for ironing boards. Today, they’ve evolved into creating everyday space-saving items for the modern home with a great array of products fit for apartment living.

A timeless art piece

Always be on time with Studio Wallaby’s GALA Clock. Inspired by the melted clock painting of the surrealist artist Salvador Dali, this modern timepiece is a stylish alternative to wall clocks for apartments where you can’t so much as scratch the wall (if you ever want to see that down payment again, that is).

Multipurpose table lamp

Illuminate your apartment in style with this vintage-inspired porcelain table lamp that doubles as a charger by The Bright Angle. The design studio specializes in combining tech-enabled design with handcrafting techniques to create modern porcelain products, like this lamp’s translucent ceramic shade.

Place it on your bedside table or in a reading nook to add a warm glow and a convenient spot to charge your phone (not just those limited, tough-to-reach outlets).

Salt by Sabrina

Storage is such a precious commodity in an apartment and it seems like there’s just never enough! These baskets from Salt by Sabrina are great for your storage or organizational needs, whether for spices and condiments on kitchen shelves or self-care products in the bathroom. Wherever you want to get organized, Sabrina’s got you!

Stack up the baskets to really maximize your space. Any knick-knack you have lying around can be safely stored in the baskets with their secured lids for a mess-free apartment. And if you need even more storage and organizational solutions, Salt by Sabrina seems to have every item to get the job done.

For your everyday fit checks

Make sure to always leave your apartment in style, and not a hair out of place, with this modern full-length mirror by West Mirrors. Mirrors are vital in an apartment; not only are they useful for making sure you look as good as you did in your head, but they can also open up a room and make it feel bigger—a nice feature if you have limited space.

You can either save floor space and mount this mirror on the wall, or if your apartment doesn’t allow wall installations, use the mirror’s stand to place it in any room.

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