Bowlcut Founder Crystal Ung’s Off-Duty Essentials


9 thoughtfully designed, functional, and maker-friendly brands.

Bowlcut Founder Crystal Ung’s Off-Duty EssentialsBowlcut Founder Crystal Ung’s Off-Duty EssentialsBowlcut Founder Crystal Ung’s Off-Duty Essentials
Crystal Ung
By Crystal Ung
Last updated 8 days ago

Bowlcut creates plant-based Asian American sauces that still taste like home — with more flavor, reduced sodium, and no artificial additives.

As a mother to two infants (my growing son and business), I love to surround myself with people and things that represent similar vibes and values. My dream off-duty essentials are thoughtfully designed, functional, small business, and maker-friendly — plus, you can shop them now on Marmalade!

x Crystal

“Me” time

These days, alone time is a rare occurrence. So when it does happen, you can bet I’m going to treat myself however I can. During that rare evening hour after my baby is down for the night, my work phone has stopped ringing, and all is quiet — these are the ways I protect my own peace.

That coveted “Everything Shower”

You know, the kind where you’re pulling out all the stops. After a long week of tense shoulders and rushed mornings, nothing’s more rejuvenating than an at-home pamper session while my baby naps.

For slipping into something cozier

Sustainable, soft as clouds, and made in California? Richer Poorer is one of those brands that just speaks my language.

For a natural energy boost

I’m a long-time fan of Golde’s delicious superfood supplements. Their matcha turmeric latte blend has gotten me through countless “running on fumes” types of days.

Mother & son time

No matter how stressful or chaotic or seemingly world-ending my work day becomes, spending quality time with my family immediately grounds me. Whether we’re taking a day trip or hanging out at home, creating a homey, cozy, and relaxing environment helps everyone take the edge off.

For those sunny LA weekends

As a born & raised Los Angeleno (who’s also lived on the opposite coast), I can confidently say there’s no weekend better spent than parked on a Californian beach. And now, when I take my son out, I’m immediately reaching for these beach essentials.

For baby-proofing your kitchen

Moms know that a well-organized kitchen is crucial to preserving your sanity. Although my son’s still too young for real food, I’m already preparing for the transition with Mushie. They grow so fast!

For that precious 1:1 bonding

Universal truth: Couch time makes a parent’s world go round. Shutting my laptop and hanging out with my son at the end of a long day, surrounded by very soft things? Chef’s kiss.

Grub time

Food has always been the center of my life and lifestyle — from growing up in my parent’s restaurant to caring for my dad and son’s diets, which led me to start Bowlcut. I believe magic can happen when people simply enjoy a meal together. These are some of the things I use to help make those moments possible.

For keeping your tastebuds happy

Not-so-subtle plug: I genuinely use my own Bowlcut products every day. I first created our plant-based sauces to help my dad balance his heavy-sodium diet, and now live to help a whole new generation eat well, too. I hope you enjoy our sauces in abundance!

For pristine plating

Even Monday’s leftovers can look new again with some thoughtful plating, and no one sets you up better for this than Material. I love that they’re designing for the whole family, too!

For indoor-outdoor living

I’m a strong believer that dressing makes the food — both of the sauce and accessory varieties. Currently channeling picnic core at all of my summer dinner parties.

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