Bike Gear Gifts for the Urban Cyclist


For those of us seeking a sleeker ride

Bike Gear Gifts for the Urban CyclistBike Gear Gifts for the Urban CyclistBike Gear Gifts for the Urban Cyclist
Emily Kvitko
By Emily Kvitko
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‘On your left’

Initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, Spurcycle was designed by brothers Clint and Nick Slone as a sleeker way to get through the crowd. “I'd never go back to riding without a bell,” says one cyclist. “I used to say, 'On your left,' but by the time you've passed your ninth pedestrian or tourist you can get tired of that. The bell is a friendly way to get through the crowd, and it's a universal sound that people understand even if they don't speak English." Spurcycle’s sheet metal parts are formed in New Mexico, while the wire form is made in Ohio. There’s a turned part that comes from Reno, Nevada and another from Alabama, a plating vendor in Pennsylvania and another part sourced in Pleasanton, California.

By cyclists for cyclists

What began with a 20-something year old and a home sewing machine became a team of cyclists and artisans from eclectic backgrounds. Road Runner Bags was founded by Brad Adams, who defines himself through his passions for vegetarianism, U.S. manufacturing and living as car-free as one can. The brand’s bags are cut and sewn by hand in a manufacturing facility in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, where scraps are saved and no material is wasted, and delivered to the post office by cargo bike. Swing through the RRB HQ, where you’ll meet the crew and see it in action building your Road Runner Bag.

Setting the bar high

Made from leather that can withstand the rigors of high friction applications that bar tape and saddles are put through, Leh Cycling’s bar tapes are designed to outlast any other bar tape option on the market. While most cyclists have grown accustomed to low quality foam and expect to retape their bars every season, Leh Cycling’s tape was made to last for years of hard use.

Roll up or roll out

Made from locally recycled polypropylene, Musguard’s removable, rollable bicycle fender protects your back while riding through wet and/or muddy roads. The brand is the brainchild of Jurij Lozić, a pedaling industrial designer from Ljubljana, Slovenia, and began its journey on Kickstarter, where a goal of $10,000 was smashed by $44,633. Musguard launched another Kickstarter campaign in January of 2022 for a new line of mudguards that fit every bike.

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