Baby Gear for First-Time Parents (by a Second-Time Parent)


All the necessary baby gear to make things a little bit easier on your tender, new-parent heart.

Baby Gear for First-Time Parents (by a Second-Time Parent)Baby Gear for First-Time Parents (by a Second-Time Parent)Baby Gear for First-Time Parents (by a Second-Time Parent)
Jeremy Glass
By Jeremy Glass
Last updated 2 months ago

It wasn’t until the birth of my second child that I realized parenting is a math equation, a bittersweet realization as a creative person with a slight inability to grasp numbers. It’s simple: parenting is one part patience, one part calmness, all multiplied by proactivity.

How you divide up those portions is up to you, but for those of us dead set on taking the proactive step to provide our kids with the very best, these essential parenting provisions are here to make things a little bit easier on your tender, parental heart.

World's First Battery-Powered Portable Bottle Warmer

As a parent, you will soon recognize the importance of warming bottles to that perfect temperature, distinguishable only by the most refined gummy palates. Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer takes the guesswork out by offering flexible temperature options for use at home and in the hinterlands (it works in both).

Interactive Playmat for a Safer Playtime

Designate an impromptu play space, or set up one heck of a game of Red Light, Green Light– insert: your favorite childhood game here—you will soon find yourself having movie night atop one of these in no time snuggled up with your favorite bean bag.

All-In-One Baby and Toddler Essentials

The Mushie Gift Set is a perfect item to buy for yourself while secretly investing in others. You get two cute packages, so you can gift one to your best friend who is expecting or give one to another cool mom (or dad) with a baby at home to whom you are trying to impress. Plus, extra points for finding the gift set first.

All the Games!

One of the best things about having children is you can start, in earnest, collecting all sorts of games. Card games, learning games, and fun games disguised as serious games are right next to the just-to-be-funny games section; you will want all the games.

Whether you procure a copy of the First Skills Deck for your precocious learner or venture to fully stock your game chest, you can officially start the adventure now.

Not Your Plastic Baby Bottle

Purchasing BPA/BPS-free glass baby bottles for excursions, playdates, or outings to the library is practicing and downright mastering classy parenting. Made of glass ethically sourced from France with rubber (nips) from Italy, did I mention these bottles are from New York? –oh, the places you and these bottles will go!

The Play Cube

A play cube is a mandatory play prop in any household that upholds fun as the highest and most noble of pursuits. Play cubes have become a stalwart addition to the evening’s “get out the last of the wiggles” efforts and double as loyal cuddle cubes. Talk about adaptability. My oldest commonly finds their way onto the yoga mat with me, play cube in tow.

Convertible Crib, Inspired by the Ocean

The Wave Crib is a savior for sleeping babies and their parents who want just one option in securing superiority in slumber. Seamlessly converting from mini crib to full crib to toddler bed, you could sleep a whole generation of kids in this thing.

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