5 Ways to Level Up Your Fragrance Game


Get a boost of confidence by smelling good

5 Ways to Level Up Your Fragrance Game5 Ways to Level Up Your Fragrance Game5 Ways to Level Up Your Fragrance Game
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Finding your signature scent is a personal journey that requires a lot of trial and error. Sometimes the fragrance you choose just doesn’t feel quite like you, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to using what’s in Walgreens. You can find a product that’s soft, subtle, and smells goodso that you won’t have to worry about any BO when hugging a friend or sitting next to your date at the movies.

Skip that trial-and-error phase. We’ve curated the best-smelling products to boost your confidence and make the person next to you lean in and take a DEEP sniff.

Smell good indoors and out

The woody and floral fragrance of Pinrose’s Treehouse Royal smells great in a stuffy office and on a moss-covered tree-lined trail. That’s because the perfume infuses the scent of bergamot, fig, and moss for a natural fresh scent that’s fit for any activity—and keeps you smelling fresh as a daisy.

Pinrose has a Fragrance Quiz that allows them to match their perfumes to the olfactory preferences of the quiz taker. This earned them high praise from Cosmopolitan, Business Insider, People, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Fresh and fragrant hair

No one wants smelly or oily hair, which is where Viori’s dry shampoo comes in. It has the soft and soothing fragrance of peonies and magnolias that’ll leave your hair smelling like a garden in full bloom. The best part? Not only does this dry shampoo provide a floral scent but it also refreshes the hair and scalp by absorbing all that excess oil and grease buildup—leaving you with bouncy, photoshoot-ready hair!

Viori sources Longsheng rice water, the ingredient they use in all their products, from the Red Yao people of Longsheng, China. The Red Yao women have used Longshen rice water to grow lush and healthy hair for centuries. The brand gives five percent of its profits back to the Red Yao people for the use of their ancient ingredients and their partnership.

Springtime in a bottle

If you’re not a hardcore perfume lover, one way to subtly add fragrance to your routine is by using scented laundry products. The Good Home Co.’s Hyacinth Laundry Fragrance adds the clean, ethereal scent of a hyacinth in full bloom. This refreshing laundry fragrance will leave you smelling like a garden party at the height of spring.

Bye-bye body odor

Stay fresh and confident (even while at the gym) with Paper Cosmetic’s From Dusk Till Dawn deodorant. The combination of the light fresh citrusy aroma and hints of spice from bergamot will override your body odor without those suspect chemicals in your typical drugstore deodorant. No more awkward pauses to secretly sniff your underarms.

Paper Cosmetics gained acclaim from magazines like Forbes, Allure, and People due to their use of biodegradable packaging and natural vegan ingredients for their deodorants.

Vanilla is back

You can’t go wrong with the classic vanilla aroma of Kopari's Hydrating Body Milk Lotion. The Y2K revival made vanilla a must-have for all it-girls—here’s a unique way to use vanilla and satisfy that nostalgia while getting soft and supple skin for your entire body!

Kopari's co-founder, Kiana, has been whipping up coconut-inspired beauty products since her childhood in Honolulu. Kopari sources the organic coconuts they use in all their products from small family farms in Davao, Philippines.

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