5 Essentials for the Triathlete’s Next Ironman


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5 Essentials for the Triathlete’s Next Ironman5 Essentials for the Triathlete’s Next Ironman5 Essentials for the Triathlete’s Next Ironman
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Triathlons are not for the faint of heart. If you’ve competed in these rigorous events, you know that it takes more than relentless training and sheer willpower to excel on race day. The gear you choose can play a pivotal role in how you perform—and how you feel—during the race and in every training session leading up to it.

We’re sharing five essentials for the triathlete who’s ready to invest in next-level gear for every leg of this demanding event.

Comfort in open waters

Set yourself up for success in the swimming discipline with Deboar Wetsuits’ Tsunami—a speedsuit designed for triathletes to sail through the water and straight to the next round. The wetsuit brand has ample options for cold to frigid conditions so you can swim at high speed without sacrificing warmth or comfort.

Founder Alex de Boer competed in several Iron Man competitions and 16 triathlons before he started designing wetsuits for fellow athletes. Using his engineering degree and competitive experience in the water, Alex designs his wetsuits for speed and buoyancy.

Leak and glare-free

THEMAGIC5’s Smoke Magic goggles are designed for leak-free and glare-free performance in any environment, whether you’re doing quick laps in an indoor pool or fighting through waves in the ocean. Their custom-made-to-fit technology allows the goggles to mold to the unique contours of your face to keep water out and protect your eyes from the sting of salt water.

The goggles’ smoke tint also protects your eyes against the sun’s glare for a clear view across the waves.

Built for speed

Invest in a pro-level performance bike and level up your speed during the race. Litespeed’s Ultimate bike is designed to be aerodynamic and lightweight, limiting drag from the air as you smoothly pedal past competitors.

A team of experienced riders and engineers designed this titanium racebike to absorb the bumps and vibrations from the road for a more comfortable ride.

Dependable shorts from start to finish

Ten Thousand’s compression shorts act as a protective base layer for the entire race and throughout training sessions. Designed with a quick-drying fabric for maximum comfort, you won’t feel the hems riding up or any irritating chafing during the most crucial parts of the race. As an added bonus, their anti-pinch waistband won’t compress your stomach, so you can keep your mind focused on the finish line.

The shorts also feature sweat-proof pockets to keep your phone and snacks safe during training.

Go the distance

Train and race in style with Enda’s Rainbow Runner. With their lightweight and breathable material and extra cushioning, these sneakers are designed to provide lasting comfort over long distances. This rainbow sneak comes in men’s and women’s styles—so everyone can enjoy some comfort on some of the most exhausting days of their lives.

As the first company to make a Kenyan running shoe, Enda was founded with an interest in increasing the amount Kenya benefits from its well-earned reputation in running.

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