5 Must-Haves For A Successful Friendsgiving


A guide to hosting this year’s Friendsgiving

5 Must-Haves For A Successful Friendsgiving5 Must-Haves For A Successful Friendsgiving5 Must-Haves For A Successful Friendsgiving
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Friendsgiving celebrates the bonds forged between chosen families and provides a nice opportunity to swerve the more traditional Thanksgiving spiel of roast turkeys, mashed potatoes, and tough relatives. With Friendsgiving, there’s no need to sweat about what uncomfortable jokes your uncle will make this year; instead, you can focus your efforts on welcoming your best buds to a memorable Friendsgiving dinner.

So unfurrow those brows because there’s a lot to be thankful for, including these five amazing products that will ensure a successful Friendsgiving.

Mix and match

Start your Friendsgiving dinner with cocktails, or mocktails—whichever your best buds prefer. To kick off the festivities, look no further than this seasonal bundle of natural mixers by Mixly Cocktail Co. With three flavors to choose from—Strawberry Pomegranate, Pear Honey Vanilla Lime, and Rosemary Lemon Honey—there’s a treat for everyone!

The mixers are made with natural ingredients, fresh fruit, and honey, so you’ll get a refreshing taste with every sip rather than the overpowering flavor of artificial sweeteners. If you’re looking for more flavor profiles, Mixly Cocktails has plenty more naturally-made concoctions in their collection.

A tall glass of fun

These colorful martini glasses by Estelle Colored Glass add a bright touch to a fun celebration. Let your friends choose their favorite colored glass to make things more personal. As an added bonus, having a unique color for every guest will eliminate that whole “Wait is this my drink or yours” conversation.

As a child, the founder of this luxury colored glass brand, Stephanie, tagged along with her grandmother Estelle when she went antiquing every summer. This developed Stephanie’s love for vintage-colored glassware. She started Estelle in honor of her grandmother and designed colorful vintage-inspired glassware for any occasion.

No baking needed

A traditional touch to this festive holiday is a must. For a little nostalgia, put up this Thanksgiving Pie Garland by Nivas as decoration during your Friendsgiving gathering.

Nivas’s thoughtful pieces are crafted by Nepali women using traditional methods and natural, biodegradable materials from small farms. Their mission is to fight poverty in Nepal by providing women with jobs that offer fair wages, steady salaries, marketable skills, and independence.

Set the table

You can’t enjoy a celebratory meal without a proper set of dishware for you and your dear friends. Year & Day’s 16-piece dishware set has every bowl and plate size you’ll need for Friendsgiving (and every dinner party hereafter). Their dishware comes in a variety of colors and is designed with a chic modern aesthetic in mind.

Year & Day offers an assorted collection of modern dishware that’s made to last, using heritage production methods and quality materials. You can mix and match their products for everyday use or acquire a complete set meant for special occasions.

Some friendly bets

Wind down after a filling Friendsgiving dinner and deepen your connection with your best buddies with the Friends Edition of the popular card game, “We’re Not Really Strangers.” With this game, you can really get in the spirit of Friendsgiving by asking deep heartwarming questions and reminiscing over good times, all while surrounded by your favorite people. Happy feelings or tears may arise.

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