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For the peace-seeking, vinyasa-flowing humans in our hearts

42 Birds
The magic of cork

Give the yogi in your life a sense of feeling rooted through 42 Birds’ cork yoga mats, blocks and balls. Named after the number of bird species in cork forests, 42 Birds harvests its cork from oak trees in Portugal, where 55% of the world’s cork comes from. The material makes for a friendly sweat companion as cork contains a waxy substance called Suberin, which helps increase traction when wet. Thus, the more you sweat, the better grip you’ll have. And, where better for drops of sweat to drip than on a surface that’s self-cleaning. Cork has become known for its power to overthrow germs, mold, mildew and dust. Not to mention, the harvests of bark, which spare the trees, also help offset tons of carbon every year as harvested cork trees osmose three to five times more CO2 than non-harvested trees.

Cork Lightweight Yoga Mat “The Robin”
Cork Yoga Two-Block Bundle “The Nuthatch”
$40 for 2
Cork Massage Therapy Balls “The Little Owls”
$36 for 3
Cork Massage Roller "The Warbler"
Öko Living
Medicine in a mat

Give the gift of healing through Öko Living's herbal dyed yoga mats. Made in a way that upholds the ancient Ayurvedic method, Ayurvastra, which preserves the bioactive medicinal qualities of plants by naturally dyeing textiles and using pure, natural ingredients in every step, the brand's creations redefine what it means to meditate in savasana. As our skin feeds off of what it touches, consistent connection with Öko Living's mats gives your skin a chance to bask in the benefits of the herbs. As the brand writes, "Can your mat do that?"

As an aside: “Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system of medicine. It aims to preserve health and wellness by keeping the mind, body, and spirit in balance and preventing disease rather than treating it. Ayurvedic medicinal herbs are also an important component of this approach. They help to protect your body from disease and offer a variety of science-backed health benefits. We have an Ayurvic Dr. hand-select an herbal mix for skin-soothing and relaxing benefits.”

Indigo Moon - Herbal Yoga Mat
Rose Quartz - Herbal Yoga Mat
Planting trees

Meaning bliss in sanskrit, Ananday typifies the feeling of our highest, most joyful state of being. Along these lines, Ananday was dreamed up to be a self-loving revolution to connect to our bliss everyday. Through the brand’s yoga strap, grant the yogi in your life a chance to play and tap into that bliss, too. Ananday partners with Trees For The Future — a nonprofit — to plant a tree for every piece sold. The trees become part of a forest garden and help end the cycle of hunger, poverty and deforestation.

Align Yoga Strap
For the mantra-minded

Created by a "dreamer slash artist slash designer slash product developer slash wannabe yogi," AJ LOVE was made with the power of thought in mind. "Mantras remind you of your greatest power, your thoughts," AJ writes. And, it's true. Yogis around the world have confessed that AJ LOVE's mats calm their wandering minds by redirecting their thoughts to the present.

Inhale Elite Yoga Mat
I Am Elite Yoga Mat
Get It Om Elite Yoga Mat
Believe Elite Yoga Mat
High Desert Yogi
Pick a card

Empower the yogis in your life to grow through their own flows by gifting them High Desert Yogi's yoga and meditation cards and sequence journal. As a yogi myself, holding the poses I love in mind can be difficult, and having them before me on beautiful cards would be life-altering. Made by an author, illustrator and certified yoga teacher in one, High Desert Yogi's cards can also be used to learn Sanskrit. On one side, the English names of poses are written, while on the other, the Sanskrit names and pronunciations.

Build a Practice Yoga Cards
Sequence Journal
Meditation & Journaling Prompt Cards
Yoga Cards & Yoga Cards Volume II Bundle
Medicine in a pillow

Featured by Vogue, Goop, domino and Forbes, Bennd's Ayurvedic yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, pranayama pillows and Mala necklaces are medicinally dyed and infused with 22 different herbs. The pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls and lavender and make for a divine restorative yoga companion. Write in up to three intentions for the yogi in your life; Your chosen intentions will be handwritten on paper made from Bennd's recycled yoga mat fibers and placed in the midst of the pillow fill.

Indigo Ayurvedic Yoga Mat
Madder Root and Sappan Wood Ayurvedic Yoga Mat
Indigo Ayurvedic Pranayama Pillow
Sappan Wood Ayurvedic Pranayama Pillow

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