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For those seeking a barista-worthy brew

Made with minimalism in mind

Featured in hotels, cafes and restaurants around the world, KINTO's glassware and ceramics celebrate what it means to be functionally and aesthetically minded. The brand was created by Hideo Koide in Japan and, to this day, remains a family-owned business run by Hideo's sons.

Cast Amber Mug 220ml
Sepia Jug 300ml / 14oz
Sepia Cup & Saucer 270ml / 9oz
Glass Brewer
Pour Over Kettle 900ml / 30oz
Glass with class

Made by lovers and life partners, Yield Design Co. marries carefully crafted minimalistic design with ethical manufacturing. Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant were both 24 when they began working on the brand and had neither financial backing nor a social media presence. YIELD has been featured in the New York Times, Dwell and more and has become known for its french press.

Glass French Press
Pour Over Carafe
Pure Over

Every day, 750 million paper filters are disposed of in landfills. Pure Over seeks to change that. The brand was founded by Etai Rahmil, a glass artist that has been designing and making functional glass art for more than 12 years, after Etai kept running out of paper filters in his glass blowing shop in Portland, Oregon. Made of glass and nothing but, the Pure Over waves a need for filters — which, Etai argues prevent natural oils from dripping into the cup — goodbye.

Carafe Kit
Signature Mug
Wild Bower Studio
From clay to slay

Ceramicist Nicole Helen Brunner’s studio in the Catskill Mountains houses a kiln powered by solar panels. Nicole uses clay made in California by Laguna Clay and Glaze Company and draws upon her background in drawing and painting in her designs. Through selling pro-choice mugs that read, “Hands off my body,” “Keep abortion legal” and “My body my choice,” Nicole raised over $7,000 for reproductive rights.

Shorty Coffee Pot
Matte Black Tall Coffeepot
Speckled Espresso Mug
Thick Squiggly Mug
Barista extravagAnZa

After sharing a space with an espresso machine repair shop and noting the copious nearly identical stainless steel machines, AnZa's design team decided to sketch an alternative design. "By using unorthodox materials—such as concrete, brass, and wood—we transformed a mechanical tool into an object of beauty and desire," the team writes. "AnZa Concrete is the opposite of bent stainless steel. It’s not shiny, precise, or smooth. It’s matte, rough, organic, and heavy."

AnZa Portafilters
Concrete Tamper Ø58mm

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