20 Architectural Digest-Worthy Ceramic Housewares

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For the AD readers and interior design lovers in our lives

Drippy Pots
For a dose of nostalgia

As a kid that self-identified as “a bit on the outside,” Brian Giniewski felt safest in his middle school ceramics studio. As he grew, his love for pottery did, too, until he felt he had no choice but to give in to it and major in ceramics in college. After graduating, Brian pursued higher education and sought a coveted teaching position, but the universe had different plans for him. On a whim, Brian posted a Drippy Pot to Tumblr, and his post blew up. Given the world’s desire to acquire his creations, Brian launched Drippy Pots and began connecting with humans that believed in his work.

Vapor Latte Mug
Vapor Slim Cup
The daily drip

Made by lovers and life partners, Yield Design Co. marries carefully crafted minimalistic design with ethical manufacturing. Andrew Deming and Rachel Gant were both 24 when they began working on the brand and had neither financial backing nor a social media presence. YIELD has been featured in the New York Times, Dwell and more and has become known for its french press.

Ceramic French Press
Ceramic Meso Incense Holder
Anything but a sin

Light up your space with SIN’s handmade creations and give gratitude to the woman behind the magic, Virginia Sin. Having left LA, “way better tacos” and a thriving career in advertising for Brooklyn and her dream of building a brand for herself, Virginia chose risk and resilience over comfort. SIN’s ceramics have made it into the archives of The New York Historical Society Museum, Architectural Digest, Goop, Domino, NYT and more.

Buoy Toothbrush Holder
Ush Tissue Box Cover
Rolling Hills, Table Lamp
Lunar Pendante
Debbie Carlos
Kiln it

Meaning river in Tagalog, “ilog” defines the movement of the white glaze that flows through, over and drips down the ceramics Debbie Carlos dreams up. Having grown up in the Philippines and California, Debbie has also become known for her smokeware and ceramic pipes — one of which she dubs the “Poo Pipe.”

Ilog To Go Mug
Ilog Incense Dish
Ilog Dinner Plate
Poo Pipe
Tellefsen Atelier
Pour and sip — you better not drip!

An intro to ceramics class in college changed everything for Alexis Tellefsen, creator of Tellefsen Atelier. She swapped her major for a BFA in ceramics and made pottery her thing. Committed to running her studio in an honest way, Alexis shares personal anecdotes on the brand’s Instagram alongside her values of peace — over profits — and self-care. Oh, and she makes her glazes herself.

Water Carafe + Cup
Wave Tumbler
Wild Bower Studio
From clay to slay

Run on green energy, Ceramicist Nicole Helen Brunner’s studio in the Catskill Mountains houses a kiln powered by solar panels. Through selling Pro-Choice mugs that read, “Hands off my body,” “Keep abortion legal” and “My body my choice,” Nicole raised over $7,000 for reproductive rights.

Matte Black Tall Coffeepot
Thick Squiggly Mug
Squiggle Tumbler
Speckled Espresso Mug
Pomelo Casa
And for a little Spanish sway

Five centuries worth of refining traditional techniques and designs make up Pomelo Casa’s ceramic history. The brand’s plates, mugs, bowls, pitchers and candlesticks are hand-painted in a small, family-run workshop in Spain — the same workshop that made ceramics Founder Francesca de la Fuente’s mother bought throughout Francesca’s childhood.

Dinner Plate With Hand-Painted Designs
Salad Plate With Candy Cane Stripes
Mini Plate With Hand-Painted Designs
Mini Bowl With Hand-Painted Designs

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