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Remember the last time you came across a store you never knew existed — but had exactly what you were looking for? We want to make this happen more often.

Today, we live in a winner-takes-most world that amplifies the mainstream, leaving little room for smaller, differentiated brands to get off the ground. But if you look under the covers, you will see that things are changing. Over the past few years, there has been an explosion of online storefronts, powered by ecommerce backends that cost less than a coffee a day. They are started by our family, friends, and neighbors, and this story is repeating itself across the country — there are now millions of small brands, created by people who care deeply about the products they sell, just waiting to be discovered. How many more entrepreneurs will come online next year?

At Marmalade, we are on a mission to help the world discover the amazing small brands that bring joy to their customers and communities. In doing so, each of us as consumers benefits from more nuanced brands and products, and collectively we can bring equity to the way that internet platforms direct digital foot-traffic to online storefronts.

Marmalade leverages data and technology at scale, enabling each of us to view the vast landscape of small brands through the lens of our unique identities. Together, we can build the first platform that creates that magical experience of finding that perfect storefront you can’t wait to share.

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