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How Marmalade works
Know that feeling you get after stumbling across the perfect find? Marmalade puts that same magical shopping experience at your fingertips. Instead of browsing the same big brands, use Marmalade to discover makers passionate about their craft, inventors, innovators, artisans and family-owned businesses. Our curators and algorithms help you explore millions of products that can be hard to find — all in one place. In short: Find new faves on our website. Shop directly on theirs.
Why Marmalade exists

We’re on a mission to spotlight smaller brands
Many of our favorite things are made by smaller brands or makers that often don’t have degrees in marketing or massive ad budgets. We created Marmalade to help smaller businesses reach wider audiences and land on the radars of shoppers who truly get that best things aren’t always two-day shipped through Amazon.
We support Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)
When you find something you love on Marmalade, we take you directly to the brand’s website to complete your purchase. As a discovery platform, and not a marketplace, we encourage exploring the diverse and wonderful online storefronts from small and independent brands.
We help boost brands you ❤️, not brands that pay the most
Our co-founders Amy, Chris, Jimmy, and Steve spent many years in the world of data science, and realized that shopping small online was a total numbers game. More from them:  “We’re living in a pay-to-play world, which means businesses who can afford to buy the most ads get the most storefront traffic. We have so many close friends and family members who run small businesses, and figured that there had to be a better way to help them reach success. After jamming together for some time, we began building Marmalade to uncover small brands you might vibe with but can be hard to find on mainstream platforms. By using Marmalade, you’re helping to democratize the digital foot traffic to the folks who deserve it the most.”
Frequently Asked Questions
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